Working in my Altered Book Junk Journal and a Quick Flip Through

A Quick Flip Through of my Junk Journal for Mom

Making a Pumpkin Patch Junk Journal Page!

Four Simple Easy Peasy Halloween Cards

This is a great way to use up the last of your Halloween embellishments. I don't carry them over very well from year to year and I always like to get what's new anyway. So send out a little happiness today!

DIY Adorable Tissue Covered Envelopes

Flip through (so far) in my Vintage Junk Journal

It SNOWED today
March is spring. I know it's not until the 20th but I don't care! When the calender says March I want warmish days, windy and lots of sunshine. Snow is from Thanksgiving to Feb 28.

So Here are the top 5 things to do when the snow falls in March:

1. Lay on the floor and pound it with your fist. Kick the floor with your toes and pound the floor with your forehead. Take an Aspirin

click the link to find the next four!

March 9th A Day To Remember
Happy Anniversary to us! 42 years ago on a sunny and warm day in Concord California we said I do and we have. It's not always easy, both of us at times have wanted to run for the border, but we hang in there.

What are the secrets to a long term marriage?

Well, there aren't any secrets. It's pretty standard. Bickering is allowed but name calling isn't. We never set that up, but we never have gone that route. We never called our kids names either. I'm sure that is pretty standard in most homes these days.

Don't stay mad too long. Both of us are able to move on past a disagreement. We always heard, never go to bed mad, but that doesn't work for us. If we had to resolve something at midnight it would escalate. Better to get a good nights sleep. Things always look brighter in the morning and disagreements seem to melt away.

Give each other room

My parents and his both had long term marriages. My parents did everything together, every day, every event, every meal together. They lived for each other. His parents did not. His dad worked, his mom went to church and worked to keep busy. They respected each other but didn't have many common interests. They had their family in common and loved to visit their kids and grandkids or take them on trips. They lived for their family.

We had wonderful examples in both sets of parents. We are in the middle. We enjoy doing things together, we like to travel, eat out, watch movies and visit our kids. But I don't go to football games and he never joins me at my knitting group. We attend church together, but haven't been involved much recently. I visit or even travel with friends without reproach from him. He gives me my space. We enjoy being at home together, but often we are doing different things. It's a comfortable time, not icy. So "joined at the hip" we are not, but we like to spend time together.

We have weathered some pretty nasty storms in our marriage but we both are good about keeping the past in the past. I didn't used to be able to do that...haha..but have learned it's best.

Now we are looking at retirement together. That is a big step. We want to scale back, make a move into a smaller abode and take life easy. We need to live on less. One parent left to watch over. All children launched successfully. We are very lucky for being as imperfect as we are.

Happy Anniversary! May our long term marriage continue happily.

After Christmas
Picture me jumping up and clicking me heels! Yes!!! I have a whole year before the pressure is upon me once again! Well at least 11 months. I love Christmas day and all the family gathering and seeing my family opening gifts I chose for them, but the stress of getting to that point is unbelievable. Starting with no extra money to buy gifts, a medium talent for making them and receiving much more expensive gifts than I'm giving, I struggle with my self image!

I have a wonderful family who make a credible fuss over my homemade items and it gives me warm fuzzies (can I use that 80's term still?) all over. That is what keeps me going. Life is short, it's amazing how quickly Christmas comes around again. I am just going to bask in the warm toasty house and enjoy my life until cabin fever or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) sets in. I know it's coming, but not until February. Today I can just sip expensive, dark roast coffee that I found in my stocking and listen to Brian Wilson; who Reimagines Gershwin (also found in my stocking) and anticipate going out to a NetFlix party later. I do enjoy my life and the week between Christmas and New Years is the best. Lots of treats eaten without guilt because I know the diet starts on January 2.

Ending my entry today, watching a female cardinal sit on a bouncy branch, dripping with icicles; and tapping on my window trying to get in. Really.

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